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Flexure Mom!

It's true that I'm not dead, I'm just in Houston. It's been raining since Thursday. People always seem surprised that cities built on swamps flood when it rains.

Yesterday, we went to watch game 7 at the only Canadian bar in Houston wearing Edmonton Euler t-shirts. We got called the biggest nerds there and drank lots of beer. Then I got elbowed in the nose after I allegedly tried to bite Dan the Winnipegger.

I have a badge that let's me into the Johnson Space Center whenever I want to and that's pretty cool.

Kumquats are an amazing fruit.

I miss Buffalo and I miss all of you guys! But my research is great and I've met some cool people, so I should survive here for another 8 weeks. Or at least until it gets to be 105 with 80% humidity, then I'll stop moving and refuse to leave my apartment.

Here are some pictures. Check out the newest two albums. Sorry to you non-Facebookers.
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