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It's windy in Houston!!

Hi friends,

I'm in Houston. I should be in an airplane en route to Boston, but some evil snow storms have delayed that until tomorrow. I've been here at the Lunar and Planetary Science Conference all week meeting other nerdly people, learning lots about where I want to go in life, and trying to impress people with the work I did last summer. I'm amazed at all the free alcohol you can find at these things. It's awesome to be in a field as small as this. Everyone knows everyone and they are all experts at something. I heart science.

I've been hearing from grad schools. Notre Dame and Hawaii have both offered me fellowships for about the same amount of money. So I can either live lavishly in South Bend or just scrape by in Honolulu. Something tells me I'll be eating a lot of ramen next year...

Also, I have a broken foot. It's amazing how hard it is to do things while on crutches. Walking too! I move about 50 feet then have to stop and rest. I highly recommend that you all keep your bones intact.

That's it for now. Hope all is well!

~ Elise
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