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Off on another adventure...

The last time I posted I was in Houston with a broken foot about to make one of the hugest decisions I've ever had. I'm now back in Buffalo, my foot has healed (as well as it ever will), and I'll be moving to Hawaii at the beginning of August. A little absurd, isn't it?

I graduated. I've been saying goodbye to people. I haven't felt too excited or too sad about any of it. A little sad, a little happy, just not anything near what I think I should be feeling at this point. Maybe I'm just excited to get out and go away and it'll all sink in later. Maybe not...

I've got a fantastic summer planned. I leave this afternoon for geology field camp - 4 weeks of mapping sedimentary structures in Colorado, Utah, and Wyoming. Then back to Colorado for some backpacking in the Rockies with Jessie, to Albuquerque for backpacking with Travis, and to Phoenix for whatever adventure Kristen thinks up. I can't wait to just be outside and take in the West.

I'll be back in Buffalo about July 3rd. I've got the month of July to see everyone, to hang out on Allen, to go to festivals, to organize my life and pack it up so I can say goodbye to Buffalo.

Absurd indeed.
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