Remaining Girl (wolfhickey) wrote,
Remaining Girl

Hello LJ land!

I've got an evil cold coming on, which is perfect timing, considering I've got the busiest month ever coming up! I've been living on Airborne and trying my hardest to sleep past 8:30 but my brain is like "nope, it's bright out, waaaaaaake up sleepy head!" Silly insomnia

and plus it's raining. I mean, how dare it rain on a tropical island.

in other news, there's a cute boy who wants to hang out. It doesn't help that I'm uber busy and feel like poo, but maybe something will work out!

and I miss you all :-( We should all update more so we can keep track of eachother. Or ::gasp:: use the telephone! yikes.

Alright, I'm off to go paddle and get my first bit of exercise in a week...
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