Remaining Girl (wolfhickey) wrote,
Remaining Girl

because my brain doesn't want to work...

Hi everybody, how's things?

Bob, of worst/most-memorable-backpacking-trip-ever fame, just moved here! He took me to the "108th Officer Submarine Birthday Ball" at the nicest resort on the island this weekend. I had tons of fun but it was totally bizarre. There's something about the prestige and fraternity created by a room full of Naval officers that I find terribly entertaining and inviting. I don't get it. Maybe it's a smart-men-in-uniform thing. Maybe I was just tickled to put on a fancy dress and go to a ball! Whatever it is, I might be growing a soft spot for the Navy.

And I stayed sober enough to heed the "no politics or religion" warning. I was very proud of myself! Only Bob heard my very few "crazy liberal" comments and I tried not to make a huge deal out of needing a "hippie vegetarian" dinner.

It turns out grad school is a lot of work. Imagine that!! This semester it's seriously a 60 hour a week job just to do class work. I'm glad my advisor is the coolest person ever and doesn't care that I'm not getting any research done. And I finally feel like the stuff I'm learning is going to be useful one day. Yay! And I've been considering not bothering with a Master's and just signing on for 5 years here to get my PhD. That'll give all of you tons of time to come visit :-)

And I'm going to New Zealand next week! Holy crap! I have nothing planned and not much money. Yay for credit card debt!

Life is crazy. I should write in here more and let you guys know what I'm up to. It's a good thing to know where your friends are :-)
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