Remaining Girl (wolfhickey) wrote,
Remaining Girl

Celebrities ...

I was up on North Shore today with some friends, at a beach and trying to take pictures of the beautiful scenery. I kept hearing this "hey, hey" from these teenage girls standing up on a table nearby. Then I notice a guy playing with a couple naked little kids maybe 50 feet away giving me the "cut it out" sign. I was totally confused until I recognised that this guy is JACK JOHNSON and these random girls are trying to tell me not to take his picture.

Now, I'm not easily star struck. Recognising a celebrity out doing normal person things makes a good story but I don't really care. And I totally understand celebrities who don't want their pictures taken while they're playing on the beach with their kids. But this bothered me for 2 reasons 1. I couldn't take the pretty beach & mountains & trees picture I was trying to because now it was awkward and Jack Johnson thought I was a crazy fan trying to get his picture and 2. Who are these girls to think they are his protectors? By yelling at people on the beach they were just drawing more attention to him and his family. And he's probably creeped out to have two girls watching him from the top of a table.

Is it weird that I'm bothered by this interaction? Maybe I'm thinking about this too much. Maybe I'm just bothered by our society's view of celebrities as deserving special treatment. I don't know ...
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